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    Witam Wybieramy sie z dziewczyną do hotelu SEMIRAMIS VILLAGE w HERSONISSOS 26 sierpnia z Katowic, czy jeszcze ktoś wybiera się w tamtym kierunku ? A może ktoś zna ten hotel ?

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    z jakiego biuro lecicie ?


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      z ecco holyday


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        w jakim jesteście wieku ?


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          mamy w okolicach 30


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            I recently returned from a 10 night holiday in Semiramis Village and I don’t have a single complaint!

            After reading some of the reviews on this website I was a little bit worried about what I had got myself into, however, I have realised, after staying at Semiramis, that it is the people who have made the reviews that are the problem, not the place. I think that some of the people who wrote these reviews turned up with attitudes, especially those who were expecting English food in a hotel in Crete!

            Staff: All staff were extremely helpful, polite and very friendly from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. Whoever it was that thought the barman was unfriendly and miserable was obviously seeing things. He was extremely friendly and had a great sense of humour. If you needed help with anything, except carrying your luggage, the staff were very willing to help!

            Accommodation: Ok, honestly, the accommodation is basic. But does that really matter when you are on holiday?! The only time I spent in my room was when I showered, dressed and slept. There were 2 single beds, 2 bed side tables, 2 chairs, coffee table, radio, TV, shower, mirror and dressing table. We also had a balcony with 2 chairs and a table. These all seem to be standard in all rooms. Towels and sheets were changed at least every other day.

            Food: If you are going to Crete expecting English food then you clearly haven&#8217;t got the idea that you are boarding a plane and flying to a different <a href="http://www.wakacje.pl/hotele/egipt/hotel-country-7681.html" target="_blank">Country</a>. The food was always lovely. Yes, by the time we had been there 10 days we had seen some of the food more than once but that&#8217;s no problem. There was always something to eat.

            Breakfast: Not just scrambled eggs and sausages like some of these reviews claim. There was always fruit, bread, cereal, continental and then yes sausages with various types of egg, including boiled, scrambled and fried, and beans and tomatoes.

            Lunch: Always salad, which was delicious. Lots of feta cheese (considering its Greek this isn&#8217;t surprising). Various pasta salads, rice salads, potato salads, etc. Pasta and sauce. And plenty of warm food, including Greek food but also food that isn&#8217;t. We saw battered fish and chips on a number of occasions so I&#8217;m not sure what people were complaining about and I never once saw a tasteless burger!

            Tea: Tea was often similar to lunch with a little more selection but they never served exactly the same food. Lots of variety, many chicken dishes, rice dishes, fish, meatballs, etc etc. There was a lovely selection of food and trust me if they have 'Potatoes baked in the oven' eat them! They are gorgeous.


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              Własnie wróciliśmy z dziewczyna z tego hotelu. Pytajcie , chętnie pomożemy


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                to pytam, jak bylo??jak opcja all inclusive?i czy ładna jest plaża i pokoje?dziekuje


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                  ja też proszę o jakieś informacje na temat tego hotelu , wybieramy się tam we wrześniu z Ecco opcja all.


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